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Corporate Information

For almost 40 years, SDI has helped its Fortune 1000 clients adapt to the changing global marketplace, working with them to discover and refine new techniques for managing a successful enterprise.  We have also addressed the changes facing government (at all levels) and the military community throughout the world.

  • Prepare Yourself for Success
  • Understand Customers' Challenges
  • Bring Value to the Way Forward
  • Operate in a Continual Learning/Partnership Mode
  • Perform with a High Degree of Ethics

SDI's formative years (1978-1985) were spent developing service offerings that were focused on large U.S. national companies in the telecommunications, computer equipment, computer software, financial, energy, and manufacturing sectors. During this period SDI built a solid reputation and capability for forming and managing teams on client sites that supported:

  • Introduction of complex electronic systems and consumer electronics into the marketplace
  • Business systems, design, development, implementation, support, and operation
  • Creation and dissemination of corporate information (product, processes, policy, etc.) to internal functions, vendors, partners, and customers
  • Support for strategic and tactical business initiatives (reorganizations, new systems, consolidation, mergers and acquisitions, new technology, etc.)

From 1985, SDI began to evolve its offering into a managed service model requiring both onsite and offsite support for which SDI had total responsibility (working closely with our clients).

As economic situations changed and global competition became more prevalent, SDI also evolved to work with its clients' projects with globally dispersed team members. We also found and managed offshore or near-shore service partners who would help lower costs while maintaining quality standards. The number of service locations in the U.S. grew from one major site (in New Jersey) to three major service centers (New Jersey, North Carolina, and New Hampshire) that were located to support major customers.

SDI also entered the Government and Defense services market in 2004, opening a separate facility in New Jersey staffed by cleared personnel and containing cleared facilities for performing classified work for U.S. Department of Defense customers and for supporting associated Defense Contractors. Services were centered around Business Systems Engineering, Integrated Logistics Support, and Program Management.

SDI services DoD and Armed Services communities in the continental U.S., Europe, and on the battlefield, as well as offering support to out Coalition Partners and allies.

During that same time period, SDI also developed extensive capabilities for the design and development of business systems (content/document management, business intelligence, web portals/applications, engineering applications, continuity of operations, etc.) and the integration of existing system environments to support automated workflow and business processes.

As a result of our growth in these areas, we opened additional operations in Virginia, Indiana, and Maryland to support client needs.

Post 2003, the pressures on multinational companies to lower cost and improve efficiencies, and their accelerated use of offshore and business process outsourcing resources, also resulted in the establishment of additional international SDI business process outsourcing centers (Hungary, India, and China). These centers provide local services in their market areas and act as a component in SDI's strategic sourcing strategy for globally positioned clients who require a balance of managed services that are consistent, reliable, low cost, and meet rigid quality standards.

SDI's growth and strategy will require further investment in local service centers and a trained, professional local work force required to support the needs of sophisticated multinational global clients.

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