Systems Documentation, Inc.


Cognitive Computing

SDI can develop solutions and train IBM’s Watson Adaptive Environment to meet multiple Corporate needs or for the development of new product solutions based on Watson’s cognitive capabilities.

SDI is one of the very elite groups of companies worldwide that is an approved developer of Watson solutions– IBM’s cognitive computing system.  For organizations that want to improve their ability to sense and respond, or are grappling with massive amounts of unstructured data, or struggling to meet growing demand for real-time visibility, then SDI can offer you a powerful tool to bridge the gap between the intent of big data and the reality of practical decision making.

SDI, armed with its cognitive computing capabilities, has the ability to process and understand a company’s big data in real time, undaunted by exploding volumes of data or wild fluctuations in form, structure, and quality.  Context-based hypotheses can be formed by exploring massive numbers of permutations of potential relationships of influence and causality leading to conclusions unconstrained by organizational biases.

Let SDI introduce your organization to the advanced solution of cognitive computing that Watson solutions provide and enhance your organization’s ability to collaborate, share information, automate processes, and manage analytics.  SDI can help your organization create a system that could drive effectiveness and efficiencies throughout your business.

More specifically, SDI will assist your organization to read free-form textual information, synthesize huge amounts of data and create hypotheses on how to respond to case requests.  We focus on information-intensive industries where multi-structured data are important to driving better decisions. Obvious choices such as insurance, health care, telecom, and banking.