Systems Documentation, Inc.


Enterprise Information Management

SDI is an Enterprise Information Management (EIM) company that enables organizations to view and manage their content as a strategic asset and integrate it into enterprise applications and business processes.  In turn this helps organizations lower their costs and reduce risks while improving business productivity and agility.

There is unprecedented growth in the amount of unstructured content – electronic and paper-based documents, reports, presentations, emails, images, audio and video files – created and used throughout an organization.  SDI specializes in extracting and converting this ever growing form of information into usable intelligence that can be properly analyzed and managed in an effort to reduce costs and complexity.  This process leverages the intelligence across applications, business processes and departments.

With our comprehensive EIM capabilities, SDI can assist your organization to create a scalable EIM platform designed to work with your existing legacy systems and integrate within enterprise applications.  This allows for the centralizing of unstructured content from diverse systems and for the better management of the content lifecycle from design, development and delivery utilizing desktop productivity tools and business applications.  The cumulative effect of this process will drive productivity and business process efficiencies.

In addition, SDI has a niche skillset in helping companies reach their strategic goals by providing consulting services and SaaS-based solutions for technical writing, information design, information architecture, eLearning, and training.  Our skilled and experienced teams work with you to redesign and optimize essential services that enable you to reach your customer base with new levels of efficiency and quality. SDI’s strategic sourcing initiatives blends domestic development and service centers with proven offshore resources to produce high-quality deliverables and services at highly competitive rates.

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