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Globally, the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sectors are experiencing transformational growth due to regulatory and compliance mandates.  Achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance while managing the entire repository of the regulatory content is an important business challenge for these industries particularly in the face of continuing explosion of unstructured information, such as documents, scanned images, rich media, Web content, corporate records, emails, and other content.

This business challenge requires organizations to look towards their business processes and in turn the enterprise applications that support them.  With a fully integrated enterprise content management platform, the BFSI sectors can accelerate content and case based business processes while reducing costs associated with risk management and regulatory compliance mandates.

SDI can assist your organization:

  • Integrate your enterprise applications with our enterprise content management solutions to streamline information sharing and information access across all business lines thereby reducing losses resulting from the inability to find and access content.
  • Speed the pace of operations for increased productivity and reduce operational costs by reducing high printing, shipping and storage costs and the costs associated with carrying duplicate, outdated and inaccurate content.
  • Reduce corporate risk resulting from lack of security and version control, and loss of valid information.
  • Devise compliance strategies for implementing policies for the retention, retrieval, and destruction of critical information.
  • Improve customer service levels, expand customer service offerings and increase the value of client interaction with self-service capabilities.

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