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Intelligent Command

A powerful combination of situational awareness and rapid notification and response...

Intelligent Command is the Command and Control platform that links sense and response systems together in order to provide human-like intelligence to support decision making needs of the command staff. With Intelligent Command, mission assurance is achieved in the mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery of security support operations. Intelligent Command takes static, paper-based operational procedures and transforms them into Active Plans and dynamic, system-driven tasks and processes, allowing the automatic monitoring and response framework to be established. It has been designed to serve as the Command and Control platform that provides a unified global situational awareness for Emergency Response, Supply Chain Interruption, Regulatory and Compliance Monitoring and Cyber Security Responses – to name a few.

Intelligent Command will integrate with your existing systems and with our partner solutions to provide the most comprehensive security support suite imaginable. With Intelligent Command working as the brains to control many types of sense and response applications, the automation of Active Plans allows for an exponential increase in continuity and assurance capabilities. Your staff can quickly determine the staff deployed, the equipment in use, track personnel training records, perform certification tracking, and monitor health and safety information to ensure that only qualified team members are assigned to an incident.

Intelligent Command Key Features:

  • Plan and process automation
  • Low-cost application integration
  • Automated monitoring of integrated information sources
  • Unified domain and situational awareness
  • Feature rich, dynamic, collaborative “active plans”
  • Extensible functionality
  • Web accessible, multi-tiered event visualization
  • Scalable, federated interoperability architecture