Systems Documentation, Inc.



Effective, high-quality ELearning; fast, low-cost development

Transform your organization's knowledge into web-based training (WBT) using Velocity – SDI's proven rapid development service.

With more than 35 years' experience helping organizations get the most out of their information assets, SDI helps you transfer knowledge from your subject-matter experts to others who need it.

Velocity transforms your experts' knowledge from slide decks and stand-up presentations to interactive, on-demand ELearning modules. Learners access the knowledge at their convenience, at a pace that suits them. Through quizzes, embedded multimedia, and other techniques, each learner can interact with the training in a way that's tailored to their needs.

  • Accelerate knowledge transfer from your experts throughout the organization
  • Reach distributed and mobile teams in the field, where they are
  • Keep everyone current with new product introductions
  • Support your business goals; reflect your corporate branding and style
  • Make deadlines while still meeting your budget

Cost Savings

  • Lower development costs with no reduction in quality
  • Eliminate travel expenses and other logistical issues associated with training
  • Optimize your subject-matter experts
  • Improve time to market

To see how SDI can put your organization's knowledge into the hands of the people who need it, visit the SDI Velocity portal.