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Entries for 'Larry Kunz'


4 ways to size up your client's culture

How can you measure the corporate culture of a client you're working with, or are about to work with? The answers will go a long way toward determining whether you have a successful working relationship with the client.

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The DrExplain website promises "You don't have to learn technical writing!" After trying the tool, I'm not convinced. Nevertheless, DrExplain is good at what it does, and it might be a good addition to your technical writing toolkit.

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Firm yet flexible. How do you do it?

How do you create and then manage a content strategy that's faithful to business goals, yet able to accommodate new technologies and new ways of interacting with customers? A response to Sarah O'Keefe's keynote speech at Lavacon.

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What you'll be remembered for

 Like baseball's Torii Hunter -- now known as the upside-down guy -- you can't always control what you'll be remembered for. But you can stack the deck in your favor.

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In his Dynamic Delivery in DITA webinar, Joe Gelb wowed us with all the things a DITA transform can do. But without skilled DITA writers, the best transforms fall short of producing the best results. Will companies be willing to invest in both good transforms and good writers?

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No one will ever again pick up a traditional owner's manual after using GM's new myOpel Manual. It looks like a great way to deliver information to an audience using new technology. I'd love to hear from the technical communicators involved in its making.

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When the censors stand in the way

Earlier this week Ellis Pratt posed some intriguing questions about censorship and what it might mean for technical writers. We need to recognize our duty to our audience and understand the things that can get in the way of that duty.

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