Systems Documentation, Inc.


Information Processing Modeling

SDI is a market leader and expert in assisting organizations in optimizing and analyzing their business processes by consolidating, accessing and analyzing their unstructured data.  This Information Process Modeling (IPM) process encompasses all aspects of the enterprise for modeling the current process of document and information creation and management to re-engineering the process in order to streamline the development of information products for cost efficiencies and faster information utilization.

There is a significant amount of valuable business information encapsulated in unstructured data which, if accessed properly, can be used to gain a competitive advantage.  It is estimated that approximately 80-90% of all potentially usable business information originates in unstructured form.  Clearly, companies must develop strategies for handling such content.  SDI’s Process Modeling of Information within business systems enables our clients to create, manage and obtain more valuable content assessments for compliance and regulatory requirements.

SDI can assist your organization process your large volume of enterprise data by documenting, consolidating and managing it.  SDI develops content management applications to manage the unstructured data and offers a personalized interface to the business content by virtue of analytical capabilities whereby metadata is extracted from the source content.  This extracted information is used to improve the search process and also to create information for data warehousing and business intelligence applications.  This metadata enables your organization to understand the business meaning of the data.

Unstructured data holds a wealth of knowledge that can greatly benefit business intelligence and other analytical applications aimed at better understanding your business.  Some of the most important corporate information in any organization lives in the form of unstructured text.  The technologies and products used to process unstructured and semi-structured data depends on whether your organization simply wants to simply consolidate your data for easy access, or analyze it for business intelligence processing.  This capability illustrates the true value of processing unstructured data.